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Children's Hospital

Your Child's Visit

Registration & Admission Info

If your child's hospital admission is planned, the doctor's office will give you information about where to go to be admitted.

The information we request is required by law or is needed for your child's care. All information is kept confidential, unless we are required or permitted by law to release it.

If you wish to limit information that is given to others about your child's medical condition or to limit visitors, please let us know and we'll work to accommodate your request.

You’ll be asked to sign admission and consent forms.

Information We Need From You

We will ask for:

  • Your name and current address
  • Your pediatrician's name
  • Your insurance information and insurance card
  • Any allergies your child may have to food, medications or things like latex and scents
  • Your child's health history and family health history

We may ask for your child's social security number. We may use this number to be sure we have the right medical record when two patients have the same name and for some government or other programs. Providing your child's social security number is voluntary, except when government programs require it.

Help & Support

Do you need help getting to the hospital, parking, with translation? 

We offer support for a range of special needs.

We also offer legal services and assistance.

Need directions? Get maps, parking info.