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Habilitation & Outreach Program

UVA offers a unique, therapeutic educational program for children with implants. Children who receive a cochlear implant often need habilitation services. Unlike rehabilitation, in which skills or functions that have been lost are relearned, habilitation involves learning or improving skills that may not be developing normally.

At UVA, our specialists are skilled in both habilitation and rehabilitation services.

Our specialists: 

  • Offer counseling sessions for parents of newly-diagnosed children with hearing loss
  • Provide pre-implant evaluation of current speech, language and auditory skills
  • Serve as a resource to regional educational and therapeutic programs
  • Provide post-implant evaluation of speech, language and auditory skill development
  • Offer post-implant rehabilitation therapy using listening and spoken language strategies and techniques 

Principles For Success

Hearing rehabilitation is essential to the success of children who receive implants. Families follow a series of principles as they move through the process:

  • Early intervention — Early identification of hearing loss and fitting of hearing aids lessens the length of sensory deprivation to the auditory pathways.
  • Post-implant rehabilitation — We use various therapy techniques to target auditory skill set and development.
  • High expectations — Many factors contribute to the success of auditory skill development; counseling helps families be aware of these factors and how they impact their child's progress.
  • Audiological management — Regular appointments with audiologists to evaluate the implant are essential to the optimal functioning of the device.
  • Family support — Parents play an active role in their child's development and linguistic success; specific speech, language and auditory goals should be targeted daily at home.
  • Educational support — We provide consultation services and in-service trainings for private and school-based professionals serving children with implants.

Find out if your child qualifies for our outreach program. Call us at 434.243.5500.