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Info for Parents and Teens

As healthcare experts who focus on teenagers, we know the teen and young adult years can be overwhelming. We're here to ease your concerns, as well as help parents manage their child's healthcare.

Your Privacy as a Teen or Young Adult

You can come to your appointment alone or bring your parents with you.

When possible, we'll respect your wishes to keep your care private. But we also believe it's important to include an adult you trust when you're making important decisions. We can help you find ways to talk to adults about tough decisions.

Under Virginia law, as a teenager, you can consent to receive care like an adult for issues related to:

  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse
  • Birth control
  • Pregnancy 
  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections

For all other care, your parents must give consent. If you want to know more about confidentiality and costs, or you want to ask a health question anonymously, ask our staff.

Information For Parents

You don’t have to do it alone.

  • We want you to use us as a resource for advice and to feel confident you’re doing what’s best for your teen. 
  • We welcome parents who are actively involved in their children’s health and well-being. 
  • We respect our young patients’ wishes for privacy, but for issues like substance abuse and sex, we encourage our patients to always confide in their parents or adults they trust.

Access to UVA Specialty Care

Patients at the Teen and Young Adult Health Center get personalized referrals to any specialist within the UVA Health System. Our electronic medical record system allows everyone involved in your teen's care to communicate information so that the care is seamless and thorough.

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Teens and Mental Health

Physical, cognitive and psychological changes can leave adolescents particularly vulnerable. Learn how this vulnerability can lead to mental illness for young adults.