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We want you to be a part of all aspects of your child's care. We'll listen to you and answer your questions in a way that you and your child will understand.

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  • I think if more people talked about miscarriages, it would make a person going through it not feel as alone.

    A Journey Through Pregnancy and Postpartum

    Pregnant? Just had a baby? You probably have a lot of questions — from wondering about surviving a miscarriage and postpartum depression to needing practical tips on breastfeeding and preparing your nursery. 

    With heartfelt stories and expert advice, our Maternity Monday blog series takes you through these issues and more, trimester by trimester. Join the journey today. 

  • I feel a lot better. I have all that energy back. I’m myself again.

    A New Heart for a High School Student

    Tameka was starting her senior year of high school and considering a career in medicine. But she was losing a lot of weight and felt cold and tired all the time.

    Doctors made an alarming discovery: Her heart was beating way too fast due to a rare condition called restrictive cardiomyopathy, which was causing other problems. Medication didn’t help. She would need a heart transplant.

    While Tameka waited for her new heart, a Children's Hospital teacher helped her keep up with schoolwork. Just before Christmas, Tameka got her new heart. She immediately felt better, and a few weeks later she left the hospital. She's now in college and hopes to become a nurse practitioner.

  • It made a huge difference. They really cared, not just about the medical outcome but how we were all doing.

    Born at 26 Weeks: A Family's NICU Story

    Sam DeBoer came into the world 14 weeks early, weighing just one pound two ounces. His lungs weren't fully developed, he had to be fed through a tube and he couldn't maintain his body temperature.

    Sam's parents, Laura and Chris, felt helpless as they watched the neonatal ICU (NICU) team care for their tiny son. But Laura was able to give her son one thing: Breast milk. She pumped every 2-3 hours in the NICU's nearby lactation room, and Sam's nurses put the milk in his feeding tube.

    After 94 days, Sam went home. Today he's a healthy 3-year-old who loves playing with toy trucks and tractors.