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Battle Building at UVA Children's Hospital

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When we set out to create a new space to care for children and their families, we envisioned an environment that was inviting and inspiring … because we know sometimes a little escape into the imagination is the best medicine.

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From headaches to athlete's foot and everything in between, our children's health library offers much more than pediatric condition and treatment information. You can calculate BMI, assess health risks, find healthy recipes and more.

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We want you to be a part of all aspects of your child's care. We'll listen to you and answer your questions in a way that you and your child will understand.

  • From our very first meeting, we knew Dr. Belyea was just going to be perfect for us."

    Toddler Keeps Dancing Despite Leukemia

    Anna Pitts danced and charmed the doctors at UVA. In 2011, the little social butterfly was diagnosed with the most common childhood cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was just 18 months old at the time.

    The diagnosis meant two and a half years of chemotherapy for Anna. Luckily for the little girl and her parents, the cure rate is 90 percent and the cancer specialists at UVA were just a short drive away.

    Today, Anna is in remission and doesn't remember the really hard parts of her cancer treatments.

  • I think the Battle Building is going to make it such a more streamlined process for us as families."

    Battle Building Makes Visits Easier on Families

    Laura Robinson is beyond excited for the opening of the Battle Building at UVA Children's Hospital opens in June.

    As a mother whose son has multiple medical needs, she knows just how important coordinated care can be.

    Laura is looking forward, not only to a new building, but also to the convenience of seeing multiple specialists in a single day.

    Her 9-year-old son, David, has Down syndrome and is a Wilms' Tumor cancer survivor, who needs to be seen by oncologists, developmental pediatricians and physical therapists.

  • It made a huge difference. They really cared, not just about the medical outcome but how we were all doing."

    Born at 26 Weeks: A Family's NICU Story

    Sam DeBoer came into the world 14 weeks early, weighing just one pound two ounces. His lungs weren't fully developed, he had to be fed through a tube and he couldn't maintain his body temperature.

    Sam's parents, Laura and Chris, felt helpless as they watched the neonatal ICU (NICU) team care for their tiny son. But Laura was able to give her son one thing: Breast milk. She pumped every 2-3 hours in the NICU's nearby lactation room, and Sam's nurses put the milk in his feeding tube.

    After 94 days, Sam went home. Today he's a healthy 3-year-old who loves playing with toy trucks and tractors.