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Everyone who takes care of your child at UVA has special training in caring for the urological needs of young people. We offer medical services in a caring manner, with the respect and dignity that all pediatric patients deserve.

UVA's pediatric urology services are nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report. We continue to expand our urological services by adding new programs, expanding to new locations and embracing new technologies, all done with a focus on providing the best possible patient experience.

Your child will also receive the benefit of an academic medical institution, where our doctors are committed to research and up-to-date on the latest technology.

UVA's Pediatric Urology Services

At UVA, we provide the most advanced surgical treatments available, including robotic surgery and laparoscopic surgery, for a wide range of urological conditions, including:

We also offer prenatal urological evaluations, where we consult with expectant mothers whose screening tests reveal their unborn babies have kidney and bladder abnormalities.

Specialized Pediatric Urology Clinics

Prenatal Hydronephrosis Clinic

We are a recognized leader in providing a multidisciplinary approach to educating mothers with babies that have kidney dilation detected prenatally. Our team includes both a maternal fetal medicine specialist (obstetrician) and a pediatric urologist. The division of pediatric urology currently maintains a national database for babies with prenatal hydronephrosis. This clinic meets once a month.

Pediatric Robotic Program

Our pediatric robotics program offers the latest approach to minimally invasive surgery for both the kidney and the bladder. A number of surgeries that traditionally were performed with a standard open incision are performed with much smaller incisions and the use of robotics to facilitate the surgery, including:

  • UPJ obstruction
  • Duplication anomalies
  • Vesicoureteral reflux

Neurogenic Clinic

Neurogenic bladder is a dysfunction of the bladder in which the nerves that are supposed to carry messages from the bladder to the brain do not work properly, causing difficulty or inability to urinate without use of a catheter or other method. This type of bladder dysfunction, which may cause urine leakage, inability to urinate and infection of the bladder or ureters, often is caused by diseases of the central nervous system, such as spina bifida, as well as spinal cord injury.

Voiding Dysfunction Clinic

Though potty training begins in the toddler years, some children continue to have problems with elimination for years. Sometimes poor elimination habits, or dysfunctional elimination syndrome are learned during the potty training years that cause problems later on, or a medical condition could be the underlying cause. We offer a thorough evaluation that first emphasizes ruling out significant kidney or bladder problems.

We also offer services for children and adolescents who have problems with bowel and bladder function, including:

  • Daytime or nighttime wetting
  • Dysfunctional elimination syndrome
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Urinating too frequently or not enough
  • Constipation
  • Failure to potty train

In cases where a learned behavior is causing the problem, we teach children strategies to change their elimination habits. We use fun exercises to educate children and adolescents about proper bathroom habits, such as how often to go, learning not to rush the process and drinking appropriate amounts of water each day.