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Children's Hospital

Heart Center

Your child will receive expert care at the UVA Children's Hospital Heart Center, which offers the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques available.

Heart Center

At the UVA Children's Hospital Heart Center, your child will receive comprehensive care using the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques available.

Our pediatric cardiologists, heart surgeons and nurse practitioners are trained to care for the unique heart problems of children.

We work with the adult care UVA Heart Center, a state-of-the-art treatment and research facility to treat our pediatric patients.

Experienced Pediatric Heart Care

  • Our Children’s Hospital Heart Center Offers:
    • The most comprehensive congenital heart center in Virginia
    • The largest fetal heart program in Virginia, ensuring the best outcomes for high-risk infants
    • The largest pediatric pulmonary hypertension clinic in Virginia
    • The Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic that tests for risks of inherited heart or vascular diseas
What Sets Our Heart Program Apart?

Close Collaboration

  • In the event that a problem arises, patients have instant access to specialty services throughout UVA.
  • We're deeply committed to close collaboration with your referring physician. 
  • We offer the only pediatric heart transplant and pediatric mechanical circulatory support programs in the state.
  • As children grow into young adults, they'll transition seamlessly from UVA Children's Hospital to UVA Health System's adult care programs, eliminating the stress and uncertainty of switching care facilities and finding a new doctor. Continuity of care is crucial with congenital heart disease and transplant patients.
  • For families within a 25-mile radius of UVA Children's Hospital, UVA offers By Your Side, a pediatric home care program offering specialized in-home care for children dealing with complex medical issues.

A Family-Centered Approach to Pediatrics

  • We encourage parents and family members to serve as active participants in the care of children with critical heart disease. We understand that this can be a stressful time. We promise to:

    • Help parents and children understand how and why we're doing a test or procedure
    • Explain the follow-up process
    • Work with the child's school if needed
    • Involve healthcare providers in the child's community.

Heart Care at the Hospital and Beyond

  • Fast Care for Your Child

    Our goal is to provide cutting-edge technology and optimal patient care as quickly as possible. We see pediatric heart patients within one week of referral and offer same-day consults for newborn heart patients.

  • Follow-Up for Fragile Infants

    Our Home Single Ventricle Surveillance Program allows a nurse specialist to closely follow babies with just a single heart ventricle when the babies are sent home before getting more surgical repair. The nurse checks in weekly with the infant's family, records the monitor readings and discusses any issues or concerns.

Outreach for Heart Patients

Our telemedicine technology and field clinics extend our expert services to underserved areas. Our doctors provide long-distance consultations and read patient echocardiograms Culpeper and Winchester. Get more information about our telehealth services.

Heart Transplants

Our heart failure and heart transplant team looks for ways to postpone or eliminate the need for a transplant.

But if your child does need one, we’re the only hospital in the state that performs childhood heart transplants and offers ventricular assist devices (VADs) to children with severe heart failure who are waiting for a transplant.

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