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Children's Hospital

Teen & Young Adult Health

Teen and Young Adult Health services at UVA include primary care, education and advocacy to male and female patients ages 12-26.

Take charge. It's your body.

Even if you feel fine, it’s important to see a nurse practitioner or doctor at least once a year.

Even with a short visit of a few minutes, we can find health problems that you can’t see or feel. And we can help you find ways to maximize your good health.

Depressed or overwhelmed? We can help you better handle the pressures of school, home and friends, too.

Healthcare for Teens and Young Adults

At the Teen and Young Adult Health Center, we provide:

  • General healthcare for patients ages 12-26
  • Immunizations
  • Evaluation and treatment of teen mental health issues
  • Acne treatment and skin problems
  • Reproductive healthcare, including prenatal care

Special Healthcare Services

  • Breathing Space Program

    It's often hard to talk to your parents about issues like birth control, pregnancy, mental health, sexuality and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). During this one-on-one office visit, we'll help you figure out ways to talk to your parents about your health.

    • This office visit is free.
    • Call to make an appointment: 800.251.3627
  • Emergency Birth Control

    We offer free emergency birth control (Plan B One-Step®), which should be used within five days of unprotected sex. (Remember Plan B isn't as effective as regular birth control and doesn't protect you against sexually transmitted infections.)

  • Sports, Camp and School Physicals

    Your parents' insurance may not cover the cost of a physical for sports participation. We offer low-cost physicals.

    • Sports physicals cost $27. 
    • Call to make an appointment.
    • Bring a completed sports physical form (PDF) with you.
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