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No one wants to see their child struggling. But mental and behavioral health issues can occur at any age. They’re especially common in children who already face complex medical issues. You might be concerned about your child’s well-being, behavior, or mental development. With issues like eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harm, you may even worry about their safety.

At UVA Health Children’s, our mental health experts have vast experience. From helping toddlers to teenagers, we’re here for your child at every stage of growth.

Getting Treatment for Mental & Behavioral Issues at UVA Health Children’s

At UVA Health Children’s, we can provide:

  • A complete assessment
  • Tests, including genetics, imaging, and behavioral evaluation
  • Treatment options that fit your family’s needs

All in an environment designed for children and their families.

Conditions We Treat

Though we treat a wide range of conditions, we also treat mental health and behavioral issues that aren’t easily categorized. We don’t need a diagnosis to offer help.

Some of the conditions we diagnose and treat include:


Pediatric Psychiatry & Psychology

    What’s the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

    It’s a question everyone wants to know the answer to when they first start looking for mental health help for their child.

    At UVA Health Children’s, you’ll have access to the best of both. And we’ll work together, with you, to get the best care for your child.

    • Psychiatrists may evaluate, and diagnose conditions, find medication options, or help with other interventions.
    • Psychologists may also perform diagnostics. They then use evidence-based strategies to help children build the coping skills they need. That may include individual or family therapy.

    So, which does your child need? After your first appointment, we’ll begin collaborating on what types of support would best meet your family’s needs.

    Evidence-Based Treatment

    Treatment options will look different depending on your child’s unique needs. Our many areas of expertise mean we can find options to help your family. Your treatment team may include experts in:

    Every treatment plan is personal and unique, based on your child’s needs. Some of the treatment options we offer include:

    • Parent-child interaction therapy
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Didactic therapy
    • Medication
    • Group therapy
    • Integrative health (sleep, diet, and stress management)
    • Mindfulness
    • Play therapy

    Complete Care for Medical Complexities

    Having a serious medical condition can come with a lot of mental stress and trauma. This is true across all age groups. Even children who can’t put their feelings into words are able to feel them in their body.

    UVA Health Children’s has many patients with complex medical needs. And our mental health team has helped kids of all ages. Whether it’s through structured therapy or supportive listening, we can help with the mental effects of a medical condition or event.

    Also, if your child is already being seen at UVA Health Children’s for medical care and you’re worried about their mental health and well-being, we can help. We’ll work around your child’s appointments and provide care that works with their health plan and needs.