Childhood Lymphoma

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Finding out your child has lymphoma is scary and shocking. You’re filled with questions: What comes next? How do you talk to your child? Where can you find the best treatment?

You don’t have to have all the answers. You just need to know where to turn. At UVA Health Children’s, our team of experts is well-versed in treating every type of childhood lymphoma. We also offer the compassionate support your child and whole family will need through treatment and beyond.

Treating Childhood Lymphoma at UVA Health Children’s

We offer the most advanced treatments for childhood lymphoma, no matter the type. And our team is specially trained to care for children.

Bringing the World’s Experts to You

UVA Health Children’s is part of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), the world’s largest group for pediatric cancer research. We’re also home to doctors performing advanced research. We believe the best treatment happens when the world’s greatest experts in pediatric oncology work together.

We work hand-in-hand with pediatric cancer centers across the globe. Together, we offer the best-known treatments for pediatric cancer, including childhood lymphoma. We’re also always looking for better treatments, including researching new ways to help kids when standard treatment fails. These include the latest chemotherapies and immune therapies, which target unique molecular lesions and defining characteristics of childhood cancers.

At UVA Health Children’s, you’ll benefit from access to the most knowledgeable experts about childhood lymphoma — whether those answers come from someone on our team or someone across the globe. Our doctors share knowledge and expertise with doctors at other pediatric cancer centers to help every child get the best outcome.

Reach Your Care Team 24/7

We believe communicating with you is a crucial part of treatment. If you have a concern, so do we. We have a pediatric oncologist on-call 24/7/365, so you can always reach our team. We work to communicate with you in a way that’s convenient to you.

Getting a Second Opinion

We want you to feel sure your child is receiving the best care. That’s why we encourage you to seek a second opinion. We’re happy to offer second opinions after you’ve been to another center. We’ll also help you get a second opinion with another center after seeing us.

We offer virtual appointments and our team is happy to help share your records with another center.  

Tailoring Lymphoma Treatment for Your Child

We start with confirming the diagnosis with a lymph node biopsy. We determine the subtype and stage. Then we tailor treatment to your child’s subtype and personal biology, following standards we helped develop with experts across the globe through the COG.


Chemotherapy is the main treatment for childhood lymphoma. The number and type of chemo drugs we use depends on your child’s subtype. We typically give chemo in cycles that last several weeks. Each cycle includes the chemotherapy drug and a recovery period. We offer special drugs and therapies to treat side effects and help your child stay as comfortable as possible.

CAR T-Cell Therapy 

Sometimes, a child’s cancer doesn’t go away when we treat it. Or it comes back.  

If your child’s cancer never goes away or comes back, we offer the latest treatments through clinical trials. This can include stem cell transplant and other cellular therapies, such as CAR T-cell therapy.

Support for You & Your Child

We offer a host of support services for your child and your whole family. Learn more about how we can help.