Supporting Kids with Cancer

Dealing with cancer is overwhelming for children and their families. We offer a number of support services to help our pediatric patients cope with their illnesses and to offer hope, including:

Jeffrey’s Gifts

Gifts for Children & Parents

Many children with cancer react to their diagnosis with sadness or anxiety. Jeffrey’s Gifts strives to give young cancer patients hope and to make them smile. Each child who is newly diagnosed with cancer receives a surprise bag filled with goodies. These gifts can help distract children from their illness and provide them with entertainment options to help them cope with their treatment. Parents also receive comfort bags with items like fuzzy socks, neck pillows, journals and pens. The Centini family, who established the fund in memory of their 16-year-old son Jeffrey, hopes the gifts will lift the spirits of patients and their families.

The Jennifer Fund

Toys and Comfort in the Hospital

The Jennifer Fund supports research and education for cancer and blood diseases. Established by Steve and Ginny Marshall in honor of their daughter Jennifer, a leukemia survivor, the fund provides amenities for hospital treatment areas, including toys and video games that can provide children with much-needed distractions, as well as recliner chairs to make patients and families more comfortable during their time in the hospital.

Bradley W. Jackson Foundation Funds

Financial Aid for Families

When a child is hospitalized for a long time or facing numerous treatments for cancer, parents may miss days or weeks of work. During this stressful time, a family’s bills often pile up. The Bradley W. Jackson Foundation has pledged funds to UVA to help families whose finances are strained due to caring for a child with cancer. The fund was established in memory of Brad Jackson, who lost his battle with a brain tumor at age 19.

Outside Organizations

Our pediatric cancer patients are eligible for many educational and support services offered by regional and national organizations. We refer our patients to many of these, including:

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