young girl getting an ear exam

Pediatric Audiology

At UVA, we have the latest diagnostic tools to evaluate hearing in children of all ages, from newborns to young adults, and to diagnose and manage hearing loss in children. We also treat dizziness, balance issues and ear noise.

Our pediatric audiologists also are specially trained to evaluate hearing in children who may have other disabilities, such as Down syndrome, microtia/atresia or cerebral palsy.

Newborn Designation

Our UVA audiology team serves as the only designated provider of follow-up hearing screenings for newborns in the area.

Helping Children Learn to Listen and Speak

Our audiologists are specially trained to help children with communication and feeding disabilities, including oral structure deformities. Learn more about speech-language therapy and our pediatric rehabilitation services.

Diagnosing & Coaching for Cochlear Implants

We evaluate your child's eligibility for cochlear implants. Should your child receive an implant, we provide the follow-up care and device programming. Learn more about the role we take in making your child's cochlear implants a success.

Hearing Aids for Children

Hearing is critical for the development of speech and language skills. Children born with profound hearing loss, or those who have lost hearing at a young age, have little or no sense of sound and often have difficulty with speech and language.

Our certified audiologists are also licensed hearing aid specialists who help children find the hearing device that best fit their needs. We offer a full range of hearing aids in varying styles, sizes and costs.