Managing Your Child's Diabetes

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Diabetes means life changes for both your child and your family. Managing diabetes includes managing three things:

  • Insulin
  • Food 
  • Exercise

We offer personal support to practice the kind of diet, hygiene and exercise that will allow your entire family to live a full and healthy life. We also offer education and classes to help you manage your child's condition. 

Diabetes Management Classes

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Program

Our glucose monitoring program looks for trends in your child's blood sugar levels that might otherwise go unnoticed. This helps us plan the most accurate treatment possible.

Insulin Pump Program

This program makes managing diabetes easier for your child by eliminating injections and allowing for flexible eating and activities.

We emphasize:

  • Education
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Long-term management

Diabetes & School

Diabetes has to be managed throughout the day, which includes:

  • Checking blood sugar
  • Giving insulin

You’ll need to have specific forms on file at your child's school. The Virginia Diabetes Council provides more information, along with the school forms (PDF). You can also find out more information about diabetes and Virginia schools here. 

Diabetes at Camp

Diabetes shouldn't hold your child back from having fun. Check out these summer camp options.