Pediatric Home Ventilator Program

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With some conditions, your child needs support beyond the hospital. Maybe they’ve had a tracheostomy or have a chronic condition. When they need breathing support with a pediatric ventilator, we can help your family transition from the hospital to care at home.

We aim to provide your child with the best care and most comfortable experience possible.

Helping You Get Home

Our pediatric ventilator home care service trains you to care for your child on a ventilator. The team first works closely with you and your child in the hospital. Then we’ll support you at home while they’re on ventilation. We'll continue to monitor and care for your child after they no longer need a ventilator.

Conditions We Treat

  • Severe lung diseases
  • Neurological diseases
  • Muscular diseases
  • Complex heart diseases

Transitioning to Home

While your child is in the hospital, our team:

  • Meets with you to go over concerns and share progress and updates
  • Discusses and identifies short- and long-term goals with your family
  • Creates a specific care plan based on these goals

We know the idea of using a home ventilator with a child is intimidating. Before you go home with your child, we’ll make sure that you feel confident in using and managing the equipment. We’ll also make sure you have an emergency plan.

Once we’re preparing your child to go home, we’ll:

  • Train you in tracheostomy care at home
  • Provide home ventilator training
  • Train you in managing any other equipment
  • Give you extensive hands-on practice before heading home
  • Provide you with manuals, videos, and other resources

Ventilator Care at Home: What to Expect

Being at home, your child feels more comfortable and positive. This leads to a better recovery overall.

At home you can expect:

  • Support from social workers and case management teams who can:
    • Help you coordinate with home care services
    • Get you in-home nursing care if you need it
  • A review of your home to get you support you might need
  • Access to a respiratory therapist
  • Support for your child’s pediatrician and other providers

While you’re managing your child at home, we’ll be following up. They’ll have regular visits in the clinic to check progress and see how you’re all managing. As we go along, we’ll adjust the care plan as needed. The first visit takes place about a month after your child leaves the hospital.

Pediatric Home Ventilator Team

Our team is always here for you. We’re your main resource for any questions or concerns. The ventilator care team includes specialists in:

  • Complex medical care for children
  • Airway and lung care
  • Heart care
  • Ear, nose, and throat care
  • Speech therapy
  • Nursing