Day Treatment Program

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The Day Treatment Program is an intensive outpatient rehabilitation program that improves the quality of life for children and families with special healthcare needs. We provide a comprehensive team assessment and an individually designed care plan. Your child will receive a minimum of five hours of direct contact with our specialists three to five times a week.

We treat children with complex medical needs that affect how they perform daily life skills, including:

  • Acquired brain injury
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Post-trauma and post-surgery recovery

How Can Your Child Benefit?

Our program can:

  • Improve your child's functionality
  • Decrease physical limitations
  • Encourage active participation at home and school.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Specialists

While enrolled in our treatment program, your child has access to comprehensive care, including:

Through this program we also offer the Encouragement Feeding Program and Constraint Induced Therapy (CIT).