Transgender Youth Health FAQs

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Being a transgender or nonbinary teen or young adult can feel challenging and stressful. It’s normal to have a lot of questions. At UVA, you’ll find providers and a patient navigator who can help you figure out your options, find resources, and get support.

Note: Your insurance may not cover and pay for all of these services. Also, it may take time to schedule your appointments. 

Can you talk to my parent(s) or guardian? I want them to understand how I’m feeling and why using the correct name and pronouns matter.

Our patient navigator can meet with you and your parents. In this conversation, we can:

  • Provide education and resources
  • Put them in contact with other families with trans or nonbinary children
  • Share research about the importance of names/pronouns

Keep in mind:

  • We can’t make your parents feel or think a certain way
  • If you think your parents will react with physical or emotional violence, we can guide and support you in another course of action
  • Parents often struggle with name changes; most likely, they named you!

How do I find an affirming counselor or therapist? Where can I get a gender dysphoria diagnosis?

We have a list of gender-affirming therapists in the area. We’ll refer you to someone who can help.

If I need mental health treatment, where will I feel safe and supported?

Being transgender or nonbinary does not mean you’re mentally ill. But if you suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental illness, you deserve and need care. If you or your parents want, we can reach out on your behalf to talk to the person arranging placement.

How do I find a healthcare provider who understands and respects me and my body?

You deserve a primary care provider who affirms, respects, and understands you and all of your healthcare needs. Our Teen and Young Adult Health Center offers primary care as well as transgender medical services.

How can I get started on puberty-blocking medications and/or cross-sex hormones?

Our pediatric endocrinologists can prescribe and manage your treatment with puberty-blocking medications and/or hormones.

If you’re under 18, you’ll need:

  • Consent for treatment from your parents or legal guardians
  • A gender dysphoria diagnosis by a mental care provider stating you’re ready for hormone treatment
  • Physical exam and lab work

How can I change my name and gender on legal documents? I want people at school to use my correct name and pronouns.

We can guide you through the process of changing your name and gender on legal documents. You may need a letter from your doctor for these changes. We’ll help you get this.

How can I get a chest binder that fits?

Through a local donor, we’ve been able to provide binders in different sizes and colors. Let us know your size, and we can help get you what you need. We also give instructions on safe binding.

Note that:

  • Sometimes supplies run low
  • We can’t have you come in and try binders on due to COVID-19

How can I suppress my menstrual periods?

Our teen health providers can prescribe medications to lighten and/or stop menstrual periods.

How/when can I get top surgery?

Health insurance policies don’t cover top surgery for people under 18. But we can connect you with a surgeon for a consultation.

What services can I get to help me look and feel more feminine?

UVA offers voice therapy, hair removal, facial feminization surgery, and other gender-confirmation procedures. Ask us for a referral to our transgender health services.