Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient
Phone Number
Call 800.552.3723

To refer a patient, call UVA Physician Direct at 800.552.3723 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you call, you can:

  • Arrange a consult
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Follow up on a patient
  • Obtain test results
  • Connect to a physician liaison
  • Order UVA physician directories

Use the Online Referral Form

You can also refer a patient online.

Specialty Care For Your Child

  • With more than 30 pediatric specialties, your patient has access to:

      • Advanced treatments through clinical trials
      • Care for the most extreme cases
      • Second opinions from renown experts
      • A range of specialty clinics
      • The innovation and quality you expect from an academic medical center