NICU Breastfeeding

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Breastmilk provides antibodies that help reduce your baby's risk of infection. It also promotes growth and the maturity of your baby's digestive system. 

Most premature babies are unable to breastfeed right away because they are not able to coordinate sucking and swallowing. Over time, they will develop the necessary skills.

Coronavirus & Breastfeeding

Worried about nursing your baby due to COVID-19? Read our FAQs on breastfeeding during the coronavirus.

Support for Breastfeeding Mothers

New mothers who already are dealing with the stress and anxiety of having a child in the NICU may find it stressful to build their milk supply by pumping. Our board-certified lactation consultants (health care professionals trained to help mothers with breastfeeding issues) help new mothers who want to provide breast milk for their babies.

Our consultants can help new mothers find a quality breast pump and learn how to correctly use it. They also provide emotional support.

Private Milk Lounge

The NICU has a Mother’s Milk Lounge, a comfortable pumping room available to mothers. Mothers are also welcome to pump at baby's bedside.

Find out more about our Breastfeeding Program and support services.