NICU Discharge: Quality & Safety Data

After babies are released from the NICU, there are several ways to measure the quality of the care we provided.

Length of Stay

Length of stay means how long a baby is in the NICU before going home. Shorter stays mean a NICU is providing more efficient care.

Length of Stay Median chart

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Median length of stay among babies weighing less than 3.3 pounds admitted to the NICU at UVA Children’s Hospital and discharged home.

A lower number is better.

Measured on an annual (one-year) basis.

Breast Milk at Discharge

Breast milk is the most complete nutrition an infant can receive. Our Baby-Friendly® designation from Baby-Friendly USA supports breastfeeding mothers and their babies. We ensure as many infants as possible are receiving breast milk when discharged from our care.

Breast milk at discharge means how many babies were being breastfed when they went home from the NICU.

Breast Milk at Day of Discharge Percentage chart

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Percentage of babies receiving some breast milk upon discharge from the NICU at UVA Children’s Hospital.

A higher number is better.

Measured on an annual (one-year) basis.