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NICU Services

Our comprehensive services for infants and families include:

  • Pediatric heart surgery for congenital heart disease
  • Diagnostic capabilities for complex medical problems and genetic disorders
  • Attention to nutritional needs to promote healing and growing
  • Heart, surgery, neurology, urology and other specialists
  • Respiratory therapists and the most advanced ventilators available for neonates
  • Social services for emotional support and other assistance (lodging, insurance, etc.)

As a major referral center in Virginia, we offer specialty services to best care for our smallest patients in critical care.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

ECMO supports heart and lung function in infants with cardiorespiratory failure. Babies showing no improvement on a respiratory ventilator may benefit from the procedure, which works much like a heart-lung bypass machine.

During the procedure, the baby’s blood is filtered through the ECMO machine, which puts oxygen into the blood and returns it to the body. This oxygenated blood is pumped by the heart into the body’s other organs and tissues.

Newborn Emergency Transport System (NETS)

Newborn Emergency Transport helicopterAs home to the region's most advanced NICU, we often get referrals of premature or critically ill infants who were born at other hospitals throughout Virginia, West Virginia and other states.

Our Newborn Emergency Transport System (NETS), staffed with medics, nurses and respiratory therapists, transports these tiny patients by ground or air to UVA for specialized care in the NICU.

NETS is available around the clock. The team makes about 350 transports every year. 

Discovering New Treatments for Infants

We're leaders in driving changes to neonatal care. With informed parental consent, we have opportunities for participation in scientific trials aimed at helping the littlest and most at-risk patients. Our dedication to improving care for premature and critically ill newborns helps give our patients the best outcomes possible.

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