Your Child's Hospital Stay

Visitation Policy Changes

Hospital visitors not allowed. Unit managers can make some exceptions for pediatric patients, if the visitor has no symptoms. View visitor restrictions

Visitors must:

  • Be an adult. Children under 18 will not be allowed to visit.
  • Check-in and show ID to get a visitor pass and wristband when they enter, every day.

Call ahead with any questions about patient visits at 434.924.0000. Remember, you can contact patients by phone or mail.

We're no longer accepting flower deliveries for patients.

Virtual Patient Visitation

Using a personal phone or tablet, family and friends can connect with a patient through video, voice chat or text.

To do so:

  • Pick an app you and the patient feel comfortable using. You and the patient must use the same one (like Skype, for instance).
  • Patient must connect to the free hospital Wi-Fi.
  • Agree on a time to meet and connect over the web.

Hospital staff can help patients connect to Wi-FI and set up a virtual visit. There are also a very limited number of devices available for patients who may not have one.

When Your Child Needs Care

Being hospitalized can be scary for a child, siblings and even parents and caregivers. 

Children adjust better when they’re given age-appropriate information and when they have family with them.

We encourage you to be with your child as much as possible, ask lots of questions and find support from family or friends.

Ask your child's nurse or social worker for help or for more tips and information about how to prepare for your child's hospitalization.