Your Child's Appointment

COVID-19 Service Changes

Getting to the Appointment

When you get here, we have people in parking areas and at front doors to help you.

At the Clinic

At the clinic, you must follow the instructions to check in. See the latest visitor restrictions.

If you have questions about checking in, call your child's clinic. 

Information We'll Need From You

At the appointment, we might ask for:

  • Your name and current address
  • The names of other doctors your child may have seen
  • Your insurance information and insurance card
  • Any allergies your child may have to food, medications, or things like latex and scents
  • Your child's health history and family health history

We may ask for your child's social security number. We may use this number to be sure we have the right medical record and for some government or other programs. Giving us your child's social security number is voluntary, except when government programs require it.

Appointment Options

Your child can now see a doctor a few different ways. You can choose:

You can use MyChart to request a virtual appointment or call the clinic for options.