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Ranked #1 Children's Hospital in Virginia for 3 Years Running

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When your child needs medical care, you want the best. The best doctors and specialists. The best research and innovation. The best support for your child and your family. 

U.S. News & World Report has just named UVA Health Children's the best in Virginia, for the 3rd year in a row.

Complex medical cases often require highly trained specialists. At UVA Health Children's, many of our departments are ranked among the best in the nation.

What Being the Best Means To Us (And For You)

Child-Focused in Everything We Do

Being a children's hospital means that children are at the heart of every aspect of our hospital. From the training our doctors receive to the building design itself. Our hospital was designed with your family in mind. Every room is equipped with right-size equipment. And we've worked hard to make sure our space feels comfortable for kids of all ages.

We Take On the Toughest Medical Challenges

UVA Health Children's is known for taking on the most medically complex cases in the region. And despite these challenges, we still deliver outstanding outcomes. Even with the most difficult surgeries, our success rates surpass our peers.

Cutting-Edge Research

We're involved in clinical trials and research that spans the globe. We want to find options for your child's treatment. And we want to find out what's next for your child.

Many Specialties In One Location

For you, it means having the support you need, the care you deserve, and the specialists you want. In one place.

Cardiology & Heart Surgery: A World-Class Heart Program

Ranked #36

Our cardiology and heart surgery department is recognized as one of the best in the country. As the only pediatric heart transplant center in Virginia, we've taken on some of the toughest cases. Our congenital heart disease team has performed remarkable surgeries, protecting Virginia's tiniest hearts and making sure they'll have big futures. 

Neonatology: Top-Notch Care for Newborns

Ranked #23

Our neonatal intensive care unit cares for some of the most premature infants in Virginia. The NICU also provides care for babies born with complications that require expertise and precision. Our team includes dedicated neonatal specialists as well as respiratory therapists, occupational and physical therapists, child life specialists, speech pathologists, social workers, and more.

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Gastro & GI Surgery: Complete Digestive Health

Ranked #29

When it comes to digestive health, it's often all-hands on deck. Intestinal issues like food allergies and Crohn's disease involve multiple specialties working together for a solution that works for each family. In addition to helping families diagnose and treat chronic issues, we're conducting ongoing research and leading the way with solutions like our encouragement feeding program. 

Learn More About Our GI Program
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Pulmonology: Helping Kids Breathe Easy

Ranked #38

We're one of the few pulmonology centers that offers an extensive sleep program to evaluate infants and children for sleep-related breathing symptoms. We're also one of only 110 centers accredited by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which allows us to participate in their Drug Discovery Program. In addition to these specialties, we also tackle tough problems like pneumonia and chronic asthma. 

Learn More About Our Respiratory Services

Neurology & Neurosurgery: Focused on Your Child's Mind

Ranked #40

Our neurology and neurosurgery department is dedicated to researching new treatment options for chronic conditions like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. But we also offer advanced surgical options, like gamma knife radiosurgery. 

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Diabetes & Endocrinology: Growing and Balancing

Ranked #34

Our diabetes and endocrinology department helps correct the hormonal imbalances that can affect kids' growth. As we help your child hit milestones and transition into adulthood, we'll also help them take charge of their medical care. 

Find Out More About Endocrine Care
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Orthopedics: Treating Their Growing Bodies

Ranked #34

Kids joints and bones may break and hurt like adults. But their journey to healing often looks very different. Our pediatric orthopedists are specially trained to consider future growth in addition to fixing the problem now. We support your child with long-term plans as they grow.

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Urology: Maintaining the Flow

Ranked #43

Our pediatric urologists are dedicated to treating the entire range of urological conditions. From urinary tract infections to complex abnormalities, we have the capability to handle whatever comes our way. Our board-certified urologists can offer da Vinci surgery and other minimally invasive techniques for faster recovery. 

Find Out More About Urology
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Nephrology: Complex Care & Ongoing Support

Ranked #32

Kidney disease can strike kids at any age. And when it does, it can be life-altering. Our nephrology department handles a wide variety of kidney-related conditions. From chronic conditions that require ongoing management to major operations like transplants, our nephrology team handles it all. 

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Small Town, World-Class Care

With so many specialties in one location, it's easy to see why parents trust UVA Health Children's with their kids. And we work hard to earn that trust.

Families choose UVA Health Children's for access to:

  • Expert second opinions
  • Advanced treatments in clinical trials
  • Complex surgery
  • New care plans
  • Specialists in difficult diagnoses

Through telemedicine and community clinics, we're here to make sure every child in Virginia has access to world-class care.

For many conditions, we're able to do virtual visits.

Above & Beyond

When it comes to our patients, we're willing to go above and beyond. Watch this video about a team that came together to support a brave mom when she needed us most.